September 8, 2013

Spring/Summer 2013 Update!!

So....although I would love to say that we have been so busy and therefore I have not been able to post on my blog for a really long time, tis not the case.  I have just been lazy!!  This is the first time in our entire marriage where we weren't working on things (remodeling our house, moving, etc;).  This means that from January 2013 on, we have been really enjoying our house and getting to know each other better :)  Its been awesome!!  I cannot imagine life without my husband.  He is my everything.  LOVE YOU Jeremy!

On to the updates :) ........

Right off the bat, we started rearranging furniture and cleaning up the house after finishing our remodel.

For Jeremy's 30th Birthday, I took him snowshoeing and to Café Rio!

It was beautiful!
Trent took his kids fishing up here near us and its was COLD!  Vern complained the whole time :)  I love that man!

Jeremy started a new job and was able to buy some new toys!  We have 2, 3 person kayaks and 2, 250 gallon water tanks. 
Because of our awesome tax return (Thank you our equally awesome tax accountant!), we were able to remove the monstrosity of a tree that was ruining the foundation  of our house.

Now without it....
With the massive tree gone, we then turned our focus to the 3 ton head gate for the irrigation line that runs along the front of our property.  The head gate is a junction where we can open one side and irrigate our garden (we also have one in our yard) or close it and it goes down the line.  This particular head gate was about 10 feet to far over.  When we put in our driveway, it would have been right in the way. we tend to do things, we basically dug it out and moved it to the correct position!  The entire family showed up to help!  We love all the support we receive from them. 

Not so helpful but way cute :) !!
After getting all the big stuff out of the way, it was time to prep and plant our garden for the year. 

Apricot Tree in full bloom - the weather turned bad soon after and it froze all our blossoms :(

And then we planted!

But because no good garden is complete without a GIGANTIC greenhouse, we had to acquire one.


This is fully assembled on our property.  It took months to get it put up, because we had to take out another gigantic tree (the one that caused our truck to catch on fire two years ago) and level the ground.  Jeremy is so excited that it is finally up though!
Back to our timeline - My cousin got married in May.  It was a gorgeous wedding!  And she was an absolutely beautiful bride!

On the same day as my cousin's wedding, almost all of my family participated in the Ogden Half/Full Marathon.  The best part was receiving these mustaches from the expo the day before!!  Jeremy and I totally matched :)
After all this work, me, my mom, and my sister, totally decided to take a Girl's Night Out!  My sister and I took my mom on the town!
It was a blast!
In July, my little brother went to the temple and left to serve his mission in the Czech Republic/Slovak.  He is loving it so far!
Random - Jeremy got a jerky craze.  It turned out really good.

At the end of July and the beginning of August, we spent a few weeks helping my in laws remodel their bathroom (here) and my brother in law remodel his house (in Wyoming).  It was fun and exhausting!  I forgot how much work it was to remodel stuff!!


Such a big helper!

On our way to Wyoming....

Ripping up old flooring and putting in new flooring.

Now this was funny! ..... At the gas station in Big Piney, there is a bathroom that is combined genders.  I thought it was just the toilet (how most gas station bathrooms are), but no, there were stalls!  So I went in and hurried into one stall.  When I came out of the stall, my brother-in-law came walking in the bathroom door.  He stopped, looked at me and didn't know what to think.  I started laughing.  He doubled checked the door and then said he would wait outside.  Ha ha ha, he was turning so red!  At least we are family or else that would have been awkward! 
When we got home, we had tons of work to do on our garden and I was starting school again soon!

We started working on our garden and it is flourishing!  This picture is a little old.  The plants are now really tall and producing a good amount of food.  Canning is a long process!

Random - My dad left us in the drive through at Dairy Queen to hurry in and double check our order.  Luckily, they take forever to move the cars!

Towards the end of the summer, our family gathered to participate in the Horse Parade and July Rodeo.  We opted to just watch the parade and it was fun!  I have to say, that I look pretty darn good as well :)

Right before school started my Mom ended up selling their trailer of 7ish years.  It was good, but sort of sad at the same time.  We had to clean it all out and wait for the guy at the bank. Mollie wasn't very patient in waiting...

 Because school was starting, it was time to go SHOPPING!  This is my once a year shopping trip.  I totally made the best purchases ever this year.  I shopped the clearance racks and had gift cards to boot!  It was amazing!!  I bought both me and Jeremy new clothes.  Very successful!

While we were shopping, I noticed a crib I love at Costco (NO - I am not pregnant).  My sister had to photo bomb my shot.  Ugh!

Summer quickly came to an end.  I am now back at school and I love it.  My classes this year are amazing and my coworkers are so fun to be around.  We were too lazy to walk back to our cars, so we caught a ride down to the parking lot. 

A week or so after school started, I got home and Jeremy had put my bar up in my kitchen.  It has changed my life!  Just having that extra space has really changed the flow of my kitchen.  I love it.  Eventually we will have enough money to put in real countertops :)

Well, that is about it for our updates.  Jeremy started school again this semester and is having so much fun in his classes.  He can't wait to finish and start his career.  I am so happy for him!! 
Life is Good!
Love ya!