November 15, 2011


We have been so busy lately!  I have been planning lesson plans and getting everything organized with my school stuff and classroom.  I absolutely love teaching!  Best decision ever!!  I would never give it up for the world! 

I don't know if we mentioned this, but we got a new dog and she is the cutest thing.  Her name is Moose (thanks to Danielle for the name!) and she is a Shih-tzu!  She gets along perfectly with Rocky.  The hardest part has been to train her.  She can't seem to pick up stuff as easily as Rocky did. 

Our house is coming great.  We have started working on the basement and we tiled our kitchen the last couple of weeks.  I'll post some pictures in a bit on that, but it is looking fantastic.  I can't wait for the holidays!  I am going to clean and get my house ready this weekend for the holidays.  I am also going to cook some goodies for thanksgiving and prepare for our family parties! 

Anyways...just updating the blog.  I have been so busy, but I do promise to post things more! 

PS! I've been attending the gym!!  My little sister Jaynanne has been my personal trainer.  I am determined to lose weight!  I probably won't lose the 50 pounds I wanted to this year, but I am already feeling better about myself!  Just got to keep it up. 

Love ya!