March 24, 2012


It has been such a great last couple of months!  Our house is coming along perfectly.  After a long (still going) battle with the furnace contractor, we have moved on to putting our drains into the basement.  We can't wait to get the house done so that we can enjoy it fully (and start working on the yard)! 

This is our tile in our kitchen:

It looks amazing!  These pictures were taken in November but the cabinets are all in with plywood counters!  Gotta love being poor.

We finally got a kitchen sink in November as well.  I know that some people might think its weird, but we had been doing our dishes and things in the tub!  Gross and now I have an almost done kitchen.  I love it!!

My husband is so talented!  He installed the entire system himself.  The only thing we have hired out in our house was the furnace (and that was a huge mistake!).  I can't believe I married someone so awesome!

And so stylish and sexy (Camo and Dew, can't get any better)!

Anyways....just wanted to let you all know that we are still alive.  We are doing great and working hard on our house.  We can't wait to be done and have everybody over.  We feel so blessed to be in this beautiful home and to have all of the blessings from above we have recieved.  I just recieved news of a long term sub job at my high school that would make me full time.  This news has come right in the time we need it the most money wise.  Of course, just as Jeremy said, everything would work out, but sometimes it is just hard to remember. 

Love ya!