August 14, 2011

Long Time, No Talk

It has been such a long time since I posted something!  We have had such a busy life the last 7 months.  I'm trying to get all my pictures uploaded, but it might take me we'll do the updates in spurts over the next few weeks. 

I have not followed my new year resolutions very well.  I went to work 80 hours a week during my final semester of school and we started our remodel on the house.  I have had no time to actually focus on myself.  I am just starting to exercise regularly and trying to eat more healthy.  It feels pretty good....I guess :)  (I have decided that I absolutely love food.  There are people that eat to live, but I live to eat!)  So we'll just start from the beginning.  We closed on our house on January 31st of this year.  We moved most of our stuff that night.  We pack our basement and garage full.  We lived in a creepy bedroom in our basement that was half finished.  We decided to live in our house during the remodel, because we knew it would be easier for our schedules to just toughen up and do it that way.  It was sort of fun.  It was a huge adventure that we are still having!

After we moved our stuff in that night, we started our remodel....I think testosterone was the pushing force.

This is Jeremy's brother Trent with the sledgehammer and our nephew Tucker.  Jeremy is walking around.  Our other brother-in-law Casey is the one that is talking.  The wall they are taking down is in between the dining room and kitchen.  We wanted to expand the area to make it feel bigger.




From that point on, the house demo took over our lives....

But in the end everything was worth it....and I'll post those pictures later!!

Ending note, this was our Valentine's Date this year.  It was so romantic!  Jeremy stopped working for the day and made dinner for when I got home.  Keep in mind that we didn't have a microwave or kitchen.  He used the grill and the next week we tried learning how to cook on our old fire stove thing we found in the basement. 

I love you sweetheart!  Thank you for all the work you have done on our house and the support you have given me during school and now!  I couldn't make it through life without you!!

Love ya!

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