February 9, 2013


Ok....after 2 full years of work, thousands of dollars, and lots of sweat and tears....we have finally finished the majority of the work in our house!  Yay!!

So below are a few of the before, during, and after pictures:

Living Room Before

Living Room During

Living Room After

Dining Room Before

Dining Room and Kitchen During

Dining Room After

Bathroom Before

Bathroom During

Bathroom After

Backdoor/porch Before

Backdoor/porch During

Backdoor/porch After

Den Before

Den During

Den After

Family Room Before

Family Room During

Family Room After
We love our whole house.  For the past two years we have been living in a construction zone.  Ever since finishing most of the work last week, we have realized how much work we really did put in.  We have also realized how nice it is to RELAX!  Our favorite room is our family room in the basement.  Jeremy put together his surround sound system and it is AWESOME!  Instead of living in a warehouse type building, we actually have a home!  We absolutely love all the work we have done and how it turned out.
Now that the work is finished we have other things to focus on.  This last week has been hard because I feel like we are being lazy but Jeremy just calls it relaxing :)  This year, we plan on focusing on our yard and garden.  We love being outside and can't wait to get our yard/garden into fantastic shape!
Love ya!


  1. Beautiful work guys! Now its not just a house . . . you've made it your home!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Very impressive! Enjoy relaxing!!!

  3. You are such hard workers! Jeremy can do anything! You guys are a great team! LOVE YOU!!!