October 24, 2010


Living on a farm gets you so dirty.  Last night, I fed the animals in the rain and I got filthy. 
These are my brand new boots that I haven't really worn and my jeans that I haven't worn since last winter.  By the way, I still fit into them barely!!  Yay!  The reason for the mess, included my lack of strength to lift the bales of hay, the literally knee high mud pits I kept finding myself in, and chasing a loose dog all over the yard!  For any of you that don't lift bales of hay on a regular basis, they are stinkin' heavy.  Towards the end of feeding, Vickie (mom-in-law), came out to help me finish.  I was gasping for air and she thought I was going to die!  Like I usually say, I'm suprisingly weak.

Since we've gotten a ton of rain lately, there are mud pits all over the farm.  I had the chance of stepping in a few and almost sitting in one because even though its raining, all of the water barrels were empty (go figure).  I was lucky enough to be the one to drag the hose around and fill the barrels up.  The hose happened to catch on the corner of some weird metal looking thing with lots of angles that I don't know the name of.  I pulled and pulled and pulled but nothing happened.  So instead of walking over and just unhooking the hose, I stood 6 feet away from the barrel and tried to get the water to go in.  I soon realized my stupidity when my pants were covered in water, I almost sat in a mud pit, and I thought the horses were laughing at me.  There is nothing worse than getting laughed at by a horse.  Eventually, I unhooked the hose and went about my business like I knew what I was doing. 

This is the dog that got loose and she did it very smartly.  I was minding my own business trying to get a bale of hay that probably weighed 1 ton (it didn't, but it felt like it) and all the animals were making noises because they were hungry.  I was all by myself so I kept talking to the animals like they were people (embarrassing) and Daisy (dog pictured above) started to wimper and bark.  I was ignoring her because I thought she was just hungry like the rest of the animals.  I finally looked over and she had managed to jump so high that her chain got stuck on top of the fence next to her.  She was literally on her tip toes trying to survive.  I dropped my bale (which I had to pick up later) and ran over to help her.  The only way I could get the chain untangled was by undoing the clip around her collar.  I think this was her plan all along, because as soon as I unclipped her, she bolted.  She ran like her life depended on it.  I, of course, ran after her through mud piles, hay, and eventually the back and front lawns.  Finally I coaxed to come to me using my sweet voice after yelling for a while.  She thought I was going to rub her belly or something, because she came right to me.  Hahahaha (maniacal laughter).  I got her put away, and everything back in order.  I have to say, I rock!
Love ya!

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