October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween to everyone out there!  We had a great time until Jeremy got sick :(  but now we are enjoying some quality time together with the TV!  On to happy times:

Jeremy and I dressed up.  Jeremy was the invisible man before technology.  He wore his camo outfit he found for $10 at a garage sale in Tremonton.  I know that was a great deal!  I went as a rocker.  Vickie and Michelle (mother-in-law and sister-in-law) helped me put all of my long hair into a mohawk.  Yes, its my real hair.  (Jenne Talbot (good friend) asked that questions several times) 

This is a close up of me. 

This is a close up of Jeremy.

We stopped by my parents house before going to a party with our friends.  My sister (above) Jaynanne couldn't decide what to be.  Mollie was a devil and Oskar was big foot.  

We went to a fantastic party with our friends.  We ate chili, pudding cups, and carved pumpkins.  It was a blast.  Above is our friends Sam and Jenne Talbot.  Below is our other friends Matt and Jen Johnson with their baby girl, Claire.   

All in all, our holiday was great!  I hope everyone had a good day.  Like I said before, Jeremy woke up the next day not feeling so good, so we are just relaxing and enjoying Amazing Race! 

Love ya!

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