November 7, 2010

New Phone

Sorry I haven't posted anything in so long!  I have been so busy with school.  I am in my last few weeks and I am so excited!!

Yesterday, Jeremy and I finally got new phones and joined our cell phone service into one package.  I am super excited we took that giant step in our marriage! Just kidding :) ha ha ha. 

We both got myTouch phones from T-Mobile and we love it so far.

This is what they look like not on.  Obviously.

And this is what they look like on :)

This is my FAVORITE part!  I can now have someplace to keep all my dates in place.  As you can see, I have already been using it!  It is AWESOME!

My other favorite feature is this texting string where is keeps your whole conversation going.  And since Jeremy and I are always texting, it categorizes it by day.  Yes this conversation was just practice.  We really aren't that boring......sometimes :)

Then there are pages.....

and pages........

and pages........

and pages of applications to play with!

There is one app (short for application) that shows your screen liked it had been cracked.  My sister and I tried to pull this trick on my mom and dad, but they didn't fall for it :(  Trust me, it looks really realistic.

I promise I'll post more this week!

Love ya!

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