November 11, 2010

Water Line

We are stuck in a mine field here at the Butler house. 

My in-laws took a giant leap forward today by installing a new water line that reaches to their animals in the back.  Since they graciously feed everyone's animals every single day, rain or shine, snow or summer, they decided they needed a water line near the animals this winter.  It is getting very difficult for them to go out and feed the animals everyday.  These new water lines will help them immensely. 
The trench starts at the road and travels through the front pen.

Then down the dirt road to the pens in the back.

All the way back.

And back.

It splits at the gate and goes east and north.

It looks like a mine field.

Jeremy, Ryan (brother-in-law), Vern (father-in-law), and Danielle's Dad (Ryans wifes dad) all helped to dig and install the line and spickets.

Bill (Ryan's dog) posed for the picture and jumped over the trenches while I had to balance due to the fact I was in a skirt and dress shoes, which got ruined.

This is a view from the back all the way to the front.

This is the spicket near the arena.

Hopefully this winter's watering and feeding goes easier for my in-laws.  They are fantastic people.

By the way, I started teaching at Wahlquist Jr. High for 9 days today.  It has been great!

Love ya!


  1. yea, they needed that. They always work so hard!

  2. Sounds like a fun time at the Butler's, I hope you didn't ruin my favorite dress shoes of yours. You know the ones with one blue shoe and one black shoe!

  3. Gibbs - I know! They work so hard for everybody. I try to help out around the place, but I get home too late usually to help feed. By the way, I have never met you but Jeremy has told me who you are. Nice to chat with you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I looked at yours. Congrats on the adoption process!

  4. Spencer - I already threw out those shoes a long time ago! Its always fun at the Butler's!