November 21, 2012

Grandma Lowe

Well....its been a rough couple of days.  On wednesday afternoon, we recieved a call from Jeremy's mom that Grandma Lowe wasn't doing so well and we better go to the hospital and visit her.  She had pneumonia and her lungs were filling up with fluid.  We traveled up there and realized there wasn't much time.  Everybody in the family came by to say goodbye.  At one time, it seemed that there were 50+ people there.  As the night wore on, people came and left.  Jeremy decided he wanted to stay the night, I packed up around 12:30 in the morning and headed home.  Our dogs were there and they hadn't eaten or been outside in hours. 

In the morning, I called Jeremy for an update.  Grandma had made it through the night and nothing in her condition had changed in a while.  I left for the hospital.  When I arrived, everybody was crying.  Grandma had died about 15 minutes before I arrived.  Jeremy says she quickly went downhill after my phone call.  She was only getting about 70% oxygen and her body couldn't handle it anymore.  With her family surrounding her, she passed on to the next life.

We loved her so much.  She was a great lady and had lived a long full life.  We will miss her.

We had the viewing at the mortuary on Monday Evening and the Funeral on Tuesday.  She was buried in Logan next to her husband. 

Throughout this whole experience and in the last several days, I have had my testimony tested and strengthened.  In life, there are trials we go through to test us and to see how we react.  Heavenly Father loves us and will only test us with what we can handle.  While at the hospital and by ourselves, Jeremy and I have felt the spirit of Heavenly Father.  We have felt peace throughout this experience and joy in the plan of salvation.  I know that we will see Grandma Lowe again.  I know that she is safe, healthy, and happy.  Her death was not the end, it was only the beginning of a new chapter. 

Love ya!

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  1. So sorry to hear about her passing. It's such a comfort to know she is still here with Yiu and you will be able to see her again soon!