December 31, 2012

End of 2012

It has been quite the year for us!  2012 definitely was full of lots of ups and downs. 
Here are a few highlights:
  • We planted our own garden and it was huge!!  It took up over 1/2 an acre.  We were able to preserve hundreds of quarts of food and stocked our freezer full.  Especially now that times are getting difficult, it is awesome to have food when we need it.  Basically it has cut our grocery budget to almost nothing!!
  • We have been working non stop on our house.  The basement is almost complete.  As of today, we have all the first coats of mud done and sanded for the second coat of mud.  Soon we will be priming and painting.  We can't wait to have space to unpack things we haven't seen in over 3 years.  We also can't wait to set up Jeremy's business stuff again.  He is anxious to start using his laser engraver and vinyl machines again.
  • I went from part-time to full-time at my job.  I teach six full classes of World Civilization, AP Government, Honors Government, and Regular Government.  I also got my own classroom and it is fantastic.  I have spent time getting it all set up, organized, and decorated.  I have grown to love my department and have made more friends with coworkers around the school.
  • Due to an accident in the summer, Jeremy quit his job and started at school Full-Time.  He did so well this semester and recieved a 3.85 GPA!  He worked so hard.  He is excited to keep at it and graduate in the years to come.
  • We enjoyed our first vacation since our honeymoon!  We went to Park City for a night and rode the Alpine Slide and Extreme Zipline at the Olympic Park.  It was a blast!
  • Jeremy was released from Young Men's and called to Primary with me.  We taught the 5 year olds and have had such a fun time.  Starting in 2013 we are moved to the 4 year olds.  This will be an adventure!
  • We have thoroughly enjoyed all of our family time we have had this year.  We were able to welcome new members of the family and celebrate lots of birthdays, anniversaries, and special events.  We had one family member come home from a mission and another member get a mission call.  We also said goodbye to Grandma Lowe after 92 full years in November.  We love and miss her so much.
Although we had such a great year, we cannot wait for what 2013 will bring us.  We have been so blessed by Heavenly Father in our time of need and trials, we can't imagine what to expect.
Happy New Year! 
Love ya!

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